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Cumartesi, Ocak 25, 2014



Hilel Halkin'in Forward dergisine verdigi roportaj:

Why Non-Orthodox Judaism Is Doomed


You argue in your book that Diaspora Jewish communities were “doomed” and predicted that the Diaspora will “effectively cease to exist whether there are Jews still living in it or not.” Of this, you said, you were “certain.” Are you still?
I think my original prediction of total doom for Diaspora Jewry was somewhat exaggerated. What is in the long run doomed — this has become more obvious to many American Jews as a result of the Pew Report — is non-Orthodox Judaism. The American experience has shown that there are, over time, no stable halfway houses. Jews who do not live wholly Jewish lives — who are not willing to undergo, for the sake of their Jewishness, some form of religious and social re-ghettoization — will sooner or later end up living wholly non-Jewish lives. And if one is going to re-ghettoize, surely life in a Jewish state has its advantages compared to life in an American ghetto.

Non-Jewish hayati secenlerin de sonunda "borekas Yahudiligi" ile olan baglantilarinin sonucta kendi cikarlari icin Israel dusmani olmalarini engellemeyecegi gercegini inkar etmek gittikce imkansizlasacak... (der David)

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