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Salı, Haziran 18, 2013



Iste Obama'nin Ankara Buyukelcisi'nin agzindan:

Ambassador Ricciardone's Statement on Taksim Square Protests

May 31, 2013
"Of course, nobody could be happy to see those saddening images/pictures. I am not happy either. I wish a speedy recovery to all those injured; get well soon. But if you are asking me about U.S. foreign policy, as you know, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, and the right to have peaceful protests are fundamentals of a democracy. I am not going to say anything further.”

Kisacasi Obama en iyi dostunu kirmaktan korkuyor.
Gecmis olsun diyerek isi kiviriyor.

Evet ama Yetmez diyen ABD secmeni icin...

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