shomer shabat

Cuma, Nisan 20, 2012



1988 senesinde kendisi Araplar tarafindan taslaninca " elimde silah olsaydi bu orXXpu cocuklarinin suratlarini patlatirdim" diyen Thomas Friedman pacavrasi bugun Israil'e akil vermeye kalkiyor.
Tipik liberal ABD Yahudi'si. 
Cirkef ve iki yuzlu.


Friedman knows very well that rocks are not a peaceful means to a peaceful end. He was attacked by Palestinian Arab rock throwers who stoned his car on Jerusalem's Salahadin Street in 1988, just before leaving his job as the Jerusalem-based bureau chief of the Times. Friedman did not think of rocks then as peaceful protest.
"If I had a gun I would have blasted the faces of all those sons of bitches,” Friedman reportedly yelled, returning from the Arab side of town to the Times office, then at Rivlin Street in the mostly Jewish downtown center. Apparently, he never mentioned the incident—or his strong reaction to it—in his many books or columns.
After Friedman's rocky ride, Yoram Ettinger, then-head of Israel's government press office, told Friedman his experience ought to make him a bit more sympathetic to Israelis who Friedman called "trigger-happy” and who often get stoned (and killed) by Arab rocks, but generally do not kill all the Arabs in the area at the time.
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